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A perfect fit with your supply chain.

In the retail world, profitability depends upon being quick to market. You’re only as profitable as the ties you can sell, and demand can turn on a dime. So success depends on being quick to market. DB Schenker’s flexible logistics solutions give you the agility to respond to trends, and the speed to get products onto shelves.

Whether it’s transportation, customs brokerage, end-to-end logistics, or oversea expansion, we don’t just move your goods, we streamline your complete supply chain. Our Retail Logistics experts can design a flexible logistics solution that considers your needs, speed, and budget. Our global network of transit hubs and 95,000 employees gives you the edge you need to succeed in a fiercely competitive market.

DB Schenker’s optimized distribution for rapidly shifting market demands, global sourcing, security and risk management, vendor and inventory management, shipping to emerging markets, buyers consolidations, and GOH (Garments On Hanger) specialty services to get your products to the right place at the right time at the right cost—every time.

Many of the world’s largest global retailers and fashion companies
trust DB Schenker when it comes to cost efficiency, regional clearances, timing and logistics. Tell us your logistics challenges, and we’ll show you how to solve them.

For further information, download a printable information sheet on DB Schenker Retail Solutions, and see our full website:

USA: www.dbschenkerusa.com
Canada: www.dbschenker.com/ca

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